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Hisham Khan

Co-Founder & CEO

Over 10 years product management experience, most recently leading some of the best engineers in the world at Bloomberg L.P.

Our story

It all started while I (Hisham) was still working at Bloomberg and came across some articles on Blockchain. After deciding to dive deeper into what Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies truly were, I was astonished by the wonders this technology can bring to this world. Early on, I saw the importance of trading cryptocurrencies, and how it would drive the whole industry forward.

Having a rich background in financial products and my network, I began to gather a top-notch dev team to build something we had substantial experience with. After evaluating the issues in the crypto trading industry, which continue to exist today, we at Aldrin have made it our mission to put ourselves to work for the trading community. Part of building our unique crypto exchange has been to approach many traders and making a platform which makes trading safe and easy. We encourage you to reach out to us in our community chats and share with us your trading experience, and what we can do to improve it. Challenge our team to enhance your trading experience. We promise to bring our A game.

As the CEO, I am personally available in our community channels, found in telegram and discord, to answer any questions or discuss general information about the industry for which we all share love.